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Caught Sniffing My Socks

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I come back and find my room mate sneaking around, sniffing my socks while he thought I was still out… I’m going to show him what preverted little bitches get for going through my laundry.. I tape his face and hands and make him smell the bottoms of my disgusting old Toms.. They are disgusting, and getting wiped all over his nose and face.. So smelling socks is what you want? I’ve had these socks for months, and I’ve never washed them.. Ever.. My nasty sweaty stinky gym socks is all the air he gets to breathe.. They are NASTY, sweaty, and very strong.. But I”m not even close to done punishing him.. He gets my stinky socks, the inside of my gross old flats, and then my bare feet on his nose before he sucks all the sweat and stink off of my toes.. This should teach him a lesson to never go through my things and smell my socks behind my back..

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