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Hump Hard: Lana Luxor Vs Constance

11 Views · sep 18, 2023
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Typically, Lana has the advantage and is able to circle around her prey before ultimately taking them down and destroying them. However, Lana is paired with Constance who opt for their starting position to consist of entanglement of legs and pussies humping. Constance begins vigorously humping her pussy against Lana's and is able to achieve a dominant position on top of Lana, legs wrapped around her side and humping up and down. Lana, while pinned by Constance's rhythmatic humping, uses this as an opportunity to hump back hard and eventually topple Constance over to one side while dominating the exchange. Unfortunately for Lana, Constance is tiny yet mighty and is able to keep up with Lana, both of their pussies in tandem with their legs swaying in sweat as the two women scream out unrestrained until ecstasy is eventually obtained.

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