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ASMR A bare feet bubble wrap popping



Spanish / Spain
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Enjoy the magical tickling sound of the famous plastic bubbles bursting under my bare feet, a funny and stimulating game which will give you incredible goose bumps. Wow! My thin long feet have do much work to do with this endless bubble wrap. I won´t leave a single bubble alive, all of them will be popped by my soles, my toes, my heels or by all of them at once. I will step harder on them, hop on one foot, front and side view, even back view.... Watch my feet playing with the weak plastic and wrapping them with it at the end of the clip, my toes bending forward to take the plastic wrap...They can´t stop messing! Put you headphones on and get ready to be amazed by this relaxing and surrounding sound while you delight yourself with my beautiful feet and their worn out toe polish. An amazing ASMR and feet experience for your senses! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: every time you see a bubble wrap it wakes your chiild side up. HIGHLIGHTED: feet and bubbles ready to be bursted... an explosive exciting cocktail! INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW