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What an exciting bath I am having! Will you share it with me? Come on, get in the tub and watch me soap my whole body up. My skin is so slippery and shining, my ample breasts, my fluffy belly, my long thin legs, my long feet... My nude body is waiting for you. I will liven our bath up with my personal loud burps, you already know how strong they are and you love how they resound in my mouth, don´t you? Wow, you didn´t hesitate at all! You already have your pants on the floor hahaha! Good boy, come here and let me hug you with my arms and my legs around your waist, you will feel my hard nipples against your back... and of course my monstruous belches lashing your nape like strong and intense breath waves, that will be extremely hot! I am so wet just imagining it, but I don´t mean wet because of the water... you know. Then we will soap up each other, slowly, caressing our skins with the smooth scented shower gel. This is not a common bath with Angie, this gassy bath is more authentic... and stimulating. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: water and belches sounds compose a sensual melody in your crotch. HIGHLIGHTED: Angie´s natural boobies deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW