Desperate To Pee

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American / Wisconsin
380 5.0
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Jonothon62768 - Top reviewer Sep 30
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Telling the story while also needing to go was an excellent idea. And Betsy does it well.

thank you so much Jon, you make me smile even when I have to pee ^.^

moose266 - Top reviewer Sep 16
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Yes, Finally a pee desperation video. Loved watching you squirm trying to hold it in. Can't wait to see more.

I am so desperate to pee and just release my bladder! I start to tell you a story of a time I could barely hold my bladder, where I was tested to hold my pee! Just talking about it makes me so weak makes me want to give up. I hold it for as long as I can till I just have to release myself and empty my bladder in front of you. Tags pee urine urination desperate begging story redhead bbw ALSO, A special shoutout to Phil for this Video