Free Destiny 2 Video Game Tips

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400 5.0
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Chase23 Sep 17

i like your tips and you should come and teach me more tips. also there is a gaming web can site called

Chase23 - Top reviewer Sep 18
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Cute voice and special flash at the end. More please

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Fun, silly and enjoyable! Humorous tips and tricks for the game with a quick boob flash at the end; what's not to like?!

Ryumoau - Top reviewer Jan 19
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Great video. I love watching sexy women discuss games. :D

Hello, everyone! This is a free video where I give some tips for Bungie's newest game Destiny 2! I just wanted to play around with my green screen and learn how to shoot videos this way! I always wanted to make a video game channel or something, so I did just for fun! I made it free because there isn't much nudity! I had a lot of fun and will totally make more stuff like this in the future! The tips are lame and of my own design, so if you disagree or hate them please forgive! This was just for fun