My black Pimp takes my money and fuck me



Belgian / Bruxelles
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After working all night in the street and masturbating in my room, my pimp arrived in my room and asked me how many guys i fucked that night and how much money i did. i answer him i made 900 dollars, and he asked me how many guys... i told him 9 but i was not sure... he took my money and asked me to be kind with him, like a good whore. He always makes me horny with his big black cock.So I suck his dick deep and lick his balls and he teared open my pantyhose to fuck me. he couldn't wait to fuck me after i fucked with all these guys! he loves that. Then he turned me in doggy, i scream of pleasure, especially with my vibro on my clitoris that always drives me totally crazy no matter if i'm tired or what time of the day it is! he fucked me so good i was all red and he couldn't keep his cum longer. He cummed his HUGE LOAD (he always do) on my face and fur jacket... and i lick the cum with my tongue on the fur and take the drops from my face with my fingers toward my mouth and i loved that! for my fan: i keep my clothes all movie ;) but i'm naked under the jacket. i love to feel the leather against my body