Stress Relief #28: Fleshlight Forever

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Stress Relief

Canadian / Ireland
334 5.0
3:50 min - Sep 15 - .MP4 - 275.43 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Hinata_2017 - Top reviewer Oct 9
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One of the hottest videos EVER!! I hope the fleshlight returns.

Thanks for the feedback, Hinata_2017!  I sold the Flashlight but my Fund Me campaign is to get a Quikshot Vantage. (V))

Stress Relief #28: Fleshlight Forever (3:50 mins. 1920 x 1080) Hi! My name is Brandon and I have a lot of stress in my life. This is how I deal with it. Things are heating up between Fleshlight and me, and not just because I bathe it in warm water before use. I'm wondering if this is The One? I still haven't met Fleshlight's parents, making me feel like she's not serious about me. Am I just a boy toy to this sex toy? Will true love blossom? Why do I always rush things and end up getting hurt? As someone wise once told me, "Patience is a virtue, Possess it if you can. Seldom found in woman, never found in man." If you like the content, I have 69 volumes of "Her POV" at Thanks for the support! Cheers
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