Housewife Dreaming - feel my tights

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In the month of September every week has a theme. Week two is "Lingerie Week"! "Housewife Dreaming" is a mini series I created while filming my Lingerie Week, because the vintage hair, makeup and clothes inspired me. 50s housewives are the pinnacle of sexuality to me. They are soft, elegant, erotic. Channeling this, I'm stretched out on my bed in my pink chiffon robe, my hair curled with a wet set and brushed into soft waves around my face. I'm feeling my body, enjoying the silky smooth touch of my tights. My hands wander up and down my legs, over my wet pussy and when I can't stand it any longer, I rip my tights in the crotch to get better access to my aching pussy. This is probably one of the most sensual videos I've ever made. Bedroom eyes, soft light, gentle touching and feeling the tights... it's like having me under you and watching me seduce you. Music: