JOEY VALENTINE: POV Suck and Swallow

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
592 5.0
10:12 min - Sep 15 - .MP4 - 113.79 MB - 640x360

Exactly, ridge_back00.  Gone but not forgotten.

Brandon Iron Sep 17 2017

Thank you for the feedback, karma_rx!  Glad you liked the vid! :)

JOEY VALENTINE: POV Suck and Swallow (Apologies for the technical glitches. This scene was shot on a defective mini dv tape.) I met my pal Joey when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. She wore a schoolgirl skirt, tight tube top, knee-high stockings, and a thong. She recently attended massage school. She pulls her thong to the side so I can appreciate her pussy and asshole. Joey explains her back tattoo of a devil fighting an angel. It's the duality of good versus evil within herself. Her current boyfriend got her into porn after they met while she danced at Crazy Girls. He brought over his best friend one night and they tag-teamed her. She enjoyed it. Top comes off. All-natural boobs. Her ass is her favourite part of herself. Peels thong down her tanned glutes. When she was 19, Joey dated a 40-year-old man. On to the main event. Joey puts on a cocksucking clinic. Ball licking. Hands-behind-back face fucking. Deep throat. Spit and slobber. "It feels so good down my fucking throat!" She begs for cum and earns her reward of white gold. She swallows the hot glob of goo and smiles. RIP Joey Valentine. You are gone but not forgotten
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