Big Fattening Meal


Penny Lee

British / Brighton
8:24 min - Sep 17 - .MP4 - 189.85 MB


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Penny Lee is dressed in sexy lingerie ready to impress her feeder with all the food she has just cooked and is about to stuff her face with. Nice big fattening meal for Penny to get down her throat this evening. Lots of fatty chicken nuggets and chips with melted cheese on it and beans and to wash it down large glass of fattening coke! Her plate is full up and she destroys every single mouthful as she tucks in. Stuffing her face, overeating, this meal will for sure make this English glamour model put on even more pounds. She loving it eating all this naughty food instead of a nice healthy salad like she is meant to be eating. But she knows that this will make her feeder a lot happier lots of fattening food to make her nice and plump