Nurse Eden's Tickle Clinic


Eden Alexander

American / San Francisco, CA
10:18 min - Sep 15 - .MP4 - 74.27 MB


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Unsuspecting tickle therapy patient Jimmy Broadway has never been to Nurse Eden's Tickle Clinic before but Naughty Nurse Eden reassures her nervous patient by telling him to "relax!"... because there's nothing to worry about, right? Eden starts off by using her hands and a variety of fluffy feather dusters, but as soon as Jimmy lets his guard down, she terrorizes him with her sexy manicured fingertips, MORE feather dusters, and even the dreaded electric toothbrush! The only way Jimmy is able to make Naughty Nurse Eden stop is to be sworn to secrecy about her Devious Tickle Clinic... will he ever make it out in one piece