18YO Ladyboi Lil Preps for Daddy Time


Tia Tizzianni

American / Chicago, IL
6:32 min - Sep 15 - .AVI - 42.31 MB


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The stunning 18YO Lily is a true Asian SISSYBOI. She loves to transform and be trained to serve her Daddy. Her sexual fantasies revolve around Daddy, serving him and taking all the CUM he might decide to give her or SPEW all over her body. Watch as Lil preps her PUSSY with her BUTT PLUT to ensure she can handle Daddy's COCK properly and please him. Daddy arrives at her place and she is so delighted she immediately with a HOT BLOWJOB. This BLOWJOB is POV (point of view) as if she is SUCKING YOUR COCK with her hot RED LIPSTICK LIPS. Very hot young LadyBoi video. ~ transformation by Tia Tizzianni ~ ~ directed by Mr. Smith