Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Chapter 1. My first BBC

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Latvian / Poland
390 5.0
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kowaikawaii Sep 18 2017
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Yes! Can't wait to see the future chapters. This is gonna be addictive!!!

CUSTOM REQUEST: The Story I'm sorry I could not PM you to approve this request, but I don't have the Premium service and cannot send messages. This is the first video I will order from you, but hoping to order four or five videos, in which you will transform from innocent te*en to experienced Fetish Queen. You are dressed like a pretty teen*ager ready for bed, something simple like boy shorts and a t-shirt. You open a laptop or sit in front of a computer. You put on headphones and hit play. Your eyes widen in surprise. You are at first shocked, then curious, then turned on. By the end of the five minutes you are incredibly aroused and you stretch and curl your toes as you caress yourself. Finally you climax harder than you ever have before. Please use only your fingers (no toys or devices). If possible, I would like you to watch a custom video that I made throughout the five minutes. If you can do that, please clearly show the laptop or computer screen. If you cannot watch my video, please hide the screen so that I must imagine what you are watching. Thank you! Let me know if you have questions