Wizarding Witch Body Transformation

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Featuring Kearstin (@ikearstin) and Jessica Nova (@jessicanova) Clip Includes: Bodybuilding, Muscle Worship, Strong Women, Dominant Women, Sex Magic, Black Magic, Transformation, Transformation Fantasy, Transformation Fetish, Body Worship, Body Exploration, Long Nails, Long Hair, Alt Girls, Tattoo, Buff Bodies, Abs, Sexy Abs, Nerdy Girls, Dirty Talk, Claws, Pale, Tan, Girl to Girl Transformation, Body Transformation, Blue Eyes, Muscle Admiration Not all witches are everything they want to be. Some of them study and work hard but what they really want is to get fucked. They want to be hot and sexy and WANTED. Our lonely little Slytherin just wants some attention from the opposite sex so she uses a spell no one is supposed to use to transform herself into someone the boys (and maybe girls) all want to talk to! Watch her transformed into a hard bodied tan muscular babe that's hotter than Potter in this magical clip