Teacher, I am a virgin, I want to fuck U



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School girl Angie is having a private lesson with her young and attractive teacher. She is wearing her checked short skirt, black high heels and woollen leg-warmers. We don´t know anything else about the rest of her outfit... because you just can see her fucking hot upskirt view. You just can glimpse her white thighs and calves. You just have to use your imagination... or maybe wait for a few minutes to glimpse what she is hiding under her skirt: no pants! She asks her teacher to explain the lesson again, in the meantime she plays with her fingers clicking a pen, and also with her black stilettos, dangling the shoes with the tip of her toes. She looks a bit nervous. Even the soles of her high heels can be seen almost in your face. But suddenly innocent Angie dares to reveal something important about herself to her teacher, something nobody knows, a very intimate secret: she is still a virgin, she masturbates sometimes and she doesn´t know if she is being a good girl. Is that correct? And is it correct to get horny and wet when she is having her lesson with her teacher? She confesses she would love to fuck him... and then she pulls her skirt up, open her legs and starts rubbing her shaved pussy with her pen. She looks so excited, she is moaning and she can´t stop teasing and provoking her teacher. There is no turning back now... YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you are curious about HIGHLIGHTED: Angie´s delicious pussy, it is worth while to wait until it shows up in all its splendor INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW