Lift&carry lovers pt.2


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
6:09 min - Sep 15 - .MP4 - 301.47 MB


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In this pt.2 update of lift&carry lovers, Savannah has eli bent over doggy against the couch. She humps his ass and tells him how carrying him turns her on so much! It makes her just want to grab her strap-on and fuck his tight ass. She orders him to jump on her front. She wants to feel his cock pressing up against her pussy while she carries him. She slams her crotch against him a couple of times before picking him up. She walks back and fourth before bending over and grinding against him. She simulates fucking him, leaning over and bouncing him up and down. They kiss each other deeply as she tells Eli, that having his legs wrapped around her like this, makes her think of all sorts of naughty things. The kiss again and Savannah twitches visibility getting very aroused. She spanks his ass and tells him if hes lucky she give him her cock super deep. She sits him down on the couch with his legs spread open. She humps him, simulating driving her cock deep inside him. She teases him like that, shaking her big booty, before leaning over to grab his growing dick. She puts him in her warm wet mouth and starts to give him a blowjob. He plays with her pigtails as she gives him a sloppy boner. She leans forward and puts his dick in between her thick thighs. She pumps up and down, jerking him off with her powerful thighs. Her big thighs give him a rock hard boner. She can't contain herself. She just wants to carry him and touch his cock. She throws him over her shoulder. She holds him with 1 hand and uses the other to jerk his cock! She shows off just how strong she is! She carries him long ways against her back. Using her big strong thighs to support his heavy body. Eli grabs and kisses her big butt and thighs, thanking her for being so strong. She puts him down and gets on her knees to put him in her mouth. She gets him super hard again, before getting up to kiss him. The make out and slide their tongues against each other