Limp Lesbian Domination

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The Customer Wrote ***** Tessa and Liza wear nice make up (smoky eyes and red lipstick) The girls have painted nails (red or pink tones) and rings on their fingers (one or two per hand). Bracelets would be nice, too. Liza is totally limp and unresponsive at all times. Liza is dressed, Tessa is naked. Tessa finds Liza on the bed, lying on her back. Tessa lays down beside her and starts kissing Liza. After some long and intense lip kisses Tessa licks Lizas lips with long, slow and intense full tongue strokes. As if she tries to lick honey from Lizas lips. Her limp lips should be moved by Tessas tongue. Repeat that for a few times in different directions. Tessa opens Lizas mouth wide and gives her deep, wide open mouth tongue kisses. She presses her wide open mouth tight against Lizas so lips are locked. Tessa moves her tongue in her mouth around deeply so Lizas cheeks are sometimes moving caused by Tessas tongue. The camera is mostly zoomed in to see the girls heads. Sometimes zoom more in to their mouths. Tessa takes one of Lizas hands and: a) Hold the hand by the wrist and the fingertips. Lick her palm with long, slow and intense tongue strokes as if it was an ice-cream. b) Hold the hand by the wrist and the fingertips. Kiss her palm pressing your lips tight against her palm. Repeat longer and shorter kisses to the palm and the fingers. You are in love with the hand. c) Hold her hand only by the wrist. Suck on her fingers and thumb. Sometimes put two fingers at the same time in your mouth. Give her fingers a blow-job. Shuffle and repeat a) to c). Change hand once or twice. The camera is mostly zoomed in to see Tessas head and Lizas hand. Sometimes zoom more out to see both girls bodies. Tessa lays down on the right side beside Liza and spreads her legs wide open. With her right hand she takes Lizas right hand and starts to make Liza rub her pussy. She does not fingerfuck herself with Lizas hand. She only rubs her pussy with lizas hand, palm and fingers. Tessa then supports Lizas limp arm with her left hand while using her right hand to make Lizas hand rub her pussy. She does it sometimes faster, sometimes slower until she orgasms. At half time, Tessa changes to Lizas left side and repeats the above. Most of the time the camera shows the girls from head to pussy, but sometimes zoom in to see only Tessas pussy with Lizas hand in action