Savannah the squeezing Giantess


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
11:45 min - Sep 15 - .MP4 - 510.97 MB


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Savannah is a friendly giantess. While on a stroll she hears a noise. It almost sounds like someone yelling for help. When she goes to investigate she finds a man hanging from a tree branch. He`s about to fall, when she rescues him just in time. The big giantess carries him to safety. The man is so grateful to Savannah for saving his live he pledges to worship her. She humbly accepts his thanks, but she enjoys her life of solitude. When he explains he must thank her another way then, she accepts. He tells her to squeeze him between her thighs. Curious Savannah agrees but warns him that her thighs are quite powerful and could crush him! The man insists anyway so Savannah obliges and puts the tiny man deep between her thick thighs. She is so big that only his head sticks out, and when she gives him a squeeze he disappeared entirely. She laughs, when he reappears and he asks her to squeeze him again. She does, making her powerful muscles almost crush him! She worriers if he can even breathe trapped between her thighs, but he assures her he is fine, and then she can even put him down further between her thighs. As she squeezes him again, he begins to massage the inside of her thighs. She is quite happy with this and thanks him for being so nice. He continues to rub her, as she squeezes him deeper and deeper between her legs. Savannah gets excited by his massage and the power of squeezing him. He starts to protest that she is now squeezing him to hard and its hurting him. But she is to excited and brushes off his pain, she doesn't want to stop.. She warned him that she was very powerful and now he is going to have to stay there until she is done