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At My Feet Eating My Toenails

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I was so excited and impressed by the way you sat while I branded you in "Carving My Name Into your face". you have really been doing a great job proving your devotion to worshipping Me and your desire to do whatever I wish. And thus you have earned My trust. I have decided to let you see Me naked in person, from the foot of the bathtub. I can tell you like it there, at My feet, and I like that. I find those men who can admit they enjoy being at the lowest part of My body are the ones who are best able to see and understand their place. Since I know you understand your place, I know you may have once dreamt of kissing and licking My soles, and sucking My toes, but you also realize this is a privilege I reserve only for Myself and My lovers... which does not include you. I am, however, going to let you put your mouth on one part of My feet-- a part that was once a living skin cell on My foot, and is now a non-living cell known as a toenail. you already got a taste of My fingernails, but I think the toenails might be a bit different. There's some dirt beneath the nails that will come off with it, which of course you will enjoy as well. If it looks to Me like you're enjoying it enough, without craving more, I might even let you massage My feet after I finish clipping the toenails.

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