Secretary proves to boss she is the best

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1,791 5.0
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LuderChris - Top reviewer May 29
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Annabelle's lingerie set and hairstyle is so damn sexy! Seeing her tits bounce as she rides is so sexy. Again, amazing roleplay Annabelle can really act. The one line that got me was when she said the cock was put in the wrong hole, that's so effing hot.

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Annabelle does it again! I love the innocent look she pulls off but then this sexy, dirty side comes out. Great POV sex.

There is an upcoming business trip in Miami coming up I am super nervous to ask my boss if I can go. Natalie is usually always the secretary that you bring with you on the trip. I know that she has been with the company longer but this year I want it to be me that goes. I know that I can make you and your best clients very happy. So I have to prove to you that I have what it takes. Even if it means stripping for you and you taking my anal virginity. I let you fuck my wrong hole to prove to you just how dedicated I am. I want to be your new favorite secretary