Freebie Tuesday

Super hot woolen stockings on and burps



Spanish / Spain
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Make yourself comfortable, lay down wherever you like most and get ready for a super sensual woolen stockings modelling with Thunder Angie, of course accompanied with my splendorous belches which make every one of my sessions even hotter. Let me show you my beautiful body slightly hidden under my elegant white dressing gown and my black fishnet culotte... These are one of my favourite stockings which I sometimes wear to go out. The world stops the day I go out with them, men turn around to look at me. You wish you could bump into me with this outfit on in the street, don´t you? These stockings are amazing, you will agree in a few minutes. I am humming just to warm the atmosphere up and you feel it so sweet and stimulating in your ears, then I will whisper you with my seductive voice. I love getting you nervous and excited. Soon I will put my first stocking on. Very slowly, unhurried, delicately feeling its smooth touch directly on my skin. My unique burps are now getting you harder too. I make them on command from my deep throat. No more and no less. You are going mad. You can´t explain it, but you are terribly horny just staring at my legs getting dressed with these special stockings. You can also glimpse my firm tits showing up under my gown. Oh my God, I am leaving you breathless right now. I am pure sensuality even with so many thunderous belches in my mouth. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you would jerk off with my stockings around your cock. HIGHLIGHTED: Extra Bonus: two neighbours from the front block spy me during the vid! :-O INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW