Chocolate Lips Cleavage Smoke



American / Ballsack
5:11 min - Sep 16 - .WMV - 234.66 MB


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Wearing my sexy cut out black top, with my cleavage just staring at you. I light up my Marlboro Red 100 cigarette, with my chocolate colored lipstick. Making lipstick smudges all over the filter. Taking deep drags of my smoke, I dangle my cigarette from my pretty mouth and squeeze my tits together. Teasing you with my delicious cleavage. I give you close-ups of the smoke leaving my pretty mouth slowly. Includes: Smoking, Cleavage, Long Hair, Brunette, Lipstick Fetish, Titty Squeezing, Goddess Worship, Tit Worship, Extreme Close-Ups, Finger Nail Fetish, Hand Fetish