I married a lesbian

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I am sitting in my marriage counselor office as a troubled man enters. He tells me he married a ”mail order bride”, and the marriage is completely dead. No sex whatsoever. So he ask me for help with his bride, and to get her interested in having sex with him. His wife comes to my office, and I start talking to her, and it turns out she is a bone hard lesbian. She has no interest in men whatsoever. So I use my magic necklace, and I suddenly have all the power over her. So as far as she in “mine” I have my way with her. I lick her pussy, and caress her with all my love, and I make her lick me to a beautiful orgasm as well. When her husband comes to pick her up later that evening, I give him the magic words for making her want a man. When he repeat the words, his wife goes straight to his knees and want to unbutton his pants