The Magic Wand Grind

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41 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer Sep 20
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This is a very satisfying video. Love hearing her breath build and build to end in delightfully erotic little yelps of pleasure. It's the soundtrack of her life!!!
Most girls have some endearing talent that elevates them above the rest, Calli"s special talent is H.Q.O.s (High Quality Orgasms). I could just watch her cum all day long.

The video is done right, good lighting and framing. Wide enough to see her whole body quiver and close enough to watch her lovely face react.
If ManyVids ever holds an Orgasm Olympics, Calli will take all the medals and she will be very "satisfied" with her performance!! Well done!

Just me and my magic wand, grinding out rolling multiple orgasms for your pleasure (and mine :P ). First I touch myself all over, getting hornier and hornier at the thought of you watching me cum, then I turn on my vibrator and push it against my pussy, controlling my movements with the rhythm of my magic wand to have orgasm after orgasm. //tags: solo female, solo masturbation, multiple orgasms, magic wand, eye glasses, petite, hitachi, doxy, magicwand, moaning fetish
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Australian / Australia