Self Atomic Wedgie Orgasms w/ Whitney

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Here we see Whitney enjoying a bit of alone time, just her and her favorite pair of panties. Rubbing her pussy through them, they slowly ride up, and that just turns her on more. She begins her daily self wedgie ritual, grinding her sensitive clit against the fabric of her panties. Pulling them up higher and higher, pulling them deep into her butt crack. She alternates between pulling on the back and giving herself a wicked melvin front wedgie. She pulls them harder and higher until she realizes that maybe today she can break her own record and get them over over head. A self atomic wedgie has always been her fantasy, but she has never quite gotten it to happen... but today is a day unlike any other, he wedgie fantasies would cum true!!! She works her panties higher and harder than ever before inching them up her pussy, deep into her ass crack until finally her wedgie dream comes true! A self atomic wedgie!!! It feels so good!!! Any movement intensifies the pressure on her soaking wet pussy. She rubs her crotch a bit, but just the wedgie itself is the feeling of perfection. She has it pulled completely over her head, encasing her face in the nylon underwear. Whitney grinds herself in ecstasy to a powerful orgasm!!! It is almost too much for her, and after she cums, she curls up on her bed (with her panties still in an atomic wedgie over her face) and takes a rest, a perfect ending to her ultimate wedgie fantasy!!!! THIS IS HOTTTT