Asshole Fetish

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5,069 5.0
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LarryB86 - Top reviewer Sep 25
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I wanna taste her asshole ;p

Porfi01 - Top reviewer Sep 22
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Another Great video, Perfect in every way!

Gillice10 - Top reviewer Sep 16
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Another great vid from a beautiful girl with a awesome booty and a mouth watering looking asshole.

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As for this video. Yes. Yes, to everything LCG asks what I want to do in this video!

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Really love this girl, the best video i have watched, can't get enough of her, i always keep wanting more not a bad thing in my opinion, guys i highly recommend.

Exotic_boy - Top reviewer Dec 11
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Great video, I specially like the outfit

Val 2117
Val 2117 deleted Nov 22
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One of the best leg and ass vids on ManyVids. Simply stunning and beautiful.

I heard something about you!!! That you have an asshole fetish! Do you want to checkout mine and tell me if you like it? I rub it through my panties and then take them off to show you my asshole in lots of different positions. I spread it open as much as a I can. I wink it a lot and stick my finger in it so I can smell it and taste it for you