Daddy Fucks Daughter



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I try to be a good girl. Really I do! But sometimes I get this tingling between my legs. Daddy calls it my "No no spot" and I'm not allowed to touch myself there. Daddy days only bad girls touch their no no spot but I can't help it! When it starts to tingle I need some relief and it feels so good! Little did I know who was watching me. DADDY! Oh no. Daddy I'm sorry! Please don't be mad! Please! I'm so sorry. What can I do for you to forgive me? What's going in your pants Daddy? Why is their a bulge? What's an erection? You want me to put that in my mouth?! But... it's so big! Will you forgive me if I do? Can you teach me what to do to your cock Daddy? I want to be your good little girl again! Why are you touching my no no spot Daddy? I thought it was bad to touch there? Oh, it's ok if Daddies do it? Well.. ok. Daddy what are you doing? Please! Your cock can't fit in there. No please it's too big
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