Pregnant Used Wife

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367 5.0
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EXTREMELY HOT...PREGNANT BY BLACK... WIFE BEING USED AT 9 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! You been waiting and here it is!! This sexy, young wife was actually bred by black men! We wanted to start this series with her being 8 months pregnant and work our way backwards! We have her from the time she was actually impregnated to showing her ready to deliver her baby! In this particular movie, she dresses up in an innocent schoolgirl outfit, complete with half frame reading glasses! Just seeing her suck those monster cocks as she is dressed like that was too much to take! Especially with her huge belly pushing out! They then make her get on all 4's and take turns with her! Exactly how they did when they initially made her pregnant! You get to see very messy, gooey creampies as they continue to dump their seed deep in her womb! And her Hubby rubs her black baby growing in her belly after each black bull empties his sperm inside her!! You will definitely want to get every movie in this very rare series!! THE CREAMPIES ARE STREAMING OUT OF HER - SO DAMN HOT!!! And please do not forget to visit my other store where I have over 500 clips and videos!