Freebie Tuesday

Pegged to Perfection--Quickie



American / U.S.A.
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Abridged/Quickie version of the longer "Pegged to Perfection." Our most coveted, big-breasted kinkster wife Leslie wastes no time getting right down to business in this latest feature, and she clearly has her designs focuses sharply upon her submissive hubby's tight little anus. After some preliminary oral play, cock sucking and ball licking, she promptly serves up the main course--a large, thick rubber dong--just perfect for stretching, prodding and pleasuring his deepest, most salacious regions! With a consistent, fixed camera shot from above, this curvy MILF pumps, pounds and prods this guy's prostate with impressive skills, and she predictable receives exactly what she works so hard for, as her bottom jerks off and sprays hot cum all over himself while she incessantly pounds his degraded little orifice