Siren & Jezabel : Messy Soles

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Star Nine

American / California
63 5.0
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Jezabel Knight has been having a rough week so Siren Thorn invites her over for some "ice cream". Jezabel arrives to find Siren emptying brown and pink pudding cups into a bowel. Siren explains that sometimes, the stress release from something like ice cream or pudding is more triggered by experiencing the texture than by actually eating the treat. Jezabel helps Siren empty the remaining pudding, then the girls sit down to relax, dipping their toes and soles into the silky mess. They each take an experimental taste off of each other's toes, but otherwise they just dip their feet, rub them together, and enjoy. Includes WAM, messy feet, foot worship This one is free due to lighting/white balance issues