You Will Fail


Bratty Jamie

American / us
10:13 min - Sep 16 - .WMV - 215.43 MB - 720x576


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Request: can we change it up a lil, like a POV but I will follow along, that's the first time I used a vibrator and it felt so good but so sensitive, I bought your vid with the bag over the camera it was so hot, can we do a clip where you gave me insert the q tips and bust my balls over and over, I would do anything to my balls if you wanted me to put needles in my balls I would :(, then have me handcuff myself behind my back with the dial in my hand and you tell me if I don't cum you will release my hands, but if I do cum my hands will stayed cuffed and you tell me I might need my hands so don't cum, you viciously tease me with ur heels and bare feet that I have no choice but to cum, and at the end you take that bag and put it over the camera as if it was on my head and humiliate me and say this is why you needed your hands, when the bag is over the camera just put ur feet up and humiliate so hard that no one will miss me, that I cAnt even have a normal orgasm before I kick it , and you just laugh at me as I struggle for air......the bag part is just fantasy obviously but all the CBT i will be doing before leading up having to handcuff myself