Tai Crimson's Electrical Interrogation


Eden Alexander

American / San Francisco, CA
10:28 min - Sep 16 - .MP4 - 810.16 MB


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Bratty rich school girl Tai Crimson is really in for it today. She's accepted a ride home from her private school's Head Administrator, but what she doesn't know is that there are much more devious plans in store for her today! Instead of driving her home, Ms. Alexander shoved her into the trunk of her car and stashed her away in a spare bedroom, bound ass up, face down with hot pink leather straps and her own panties shoved into her mouth and taped shut. Tai struggles and wriggles for what seems like forever, begging to be let out and released as she squirms and fights her tight restraints to no avail. The wooden Humbler CBT device that she has tightly screwed onto her cock and balls aren't helping her comfort level either! She is soon joined by the grinning Ms. Alexander who has removed her blouse to reveal a sexy strappy latex bra underneath her work attire. Smacking and slapping Tai's ass, the school administrator demands all of her student's rich daddy's credit cards, account numbers, pin numbers, and safe deposit box keys. Bratty as ever, Tai refuses to confess the info so Ms. Alexander takes a long black riding crop to her bare ass, and then even to the soles of her feet! Visibly frightened, Tai quivers and shakes as the mean administrator laughs and continues to press the interrogation, striking any bit of her exposed backside she fancies. Tiring of the brat princess' mouthiness and refusal to cough the info up, Ms. Alexander grabs an electric zapper and mercilessly zaps Tai's ass, legs, then even cruelly removes her socks to electrically shock her bare feet! Shaking, sweating, and begging for mercy from the Bastiando, Tai is foolish enough to not give the mean woman what she wants. Ms. Alexander will now be pushed to take more drastic measures... To be continued