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Mesmerizing Legs - Star Nine


Star Nine

American / California
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Star Nine is in your office for your weekly meeting. It's friday afternoon, you had your extra martini at lunch didn't you? Good it's very important that you're relaxed for these meetings. Now, before we discuss the usual budgetary concerns, I have a couple of other issues we need to resolve this week . . . Star has you wrapped around her little finger, or in this case, her hosed legs. She instructs you on how to handle key issues for the company you "run" while posing her long, hosed legs, flashing the gusset. You are mesmerized by her legs, absolutely under her control. She reminds you of the things you must accomplish this weekend - purchase a new watch for your wife since you pilfered the vintage Gucci to give to Star. You're going to have to have the office coffee and make other, personal, cuts next week since Star will still be requiring her 30% and you wouldn't want the missus to notice you dipping into the household budget. You're such a good little puppet. Includes financial domination, female supremacy, pantyhose modeling, office domination