Small Yellow Swimsuit - Ass Shaking

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Spanish / Europe
264 5.0
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peecee2 - Top reviewer Sep 18 2017
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There's something charmingly incongruous about catching peeks of underwear under a swimming costume, particularly looking at the thumbnail previews for Miss_B's other content. Great non-nude fetish vid with a decent mix of front and back shots and occasional nip slips. :)

Miss_Bohemian Sep 18 2017

Sometimes I just do the things without planning too much... This time I just tried on the swimsuit and felt that I have to do a video right in that moment! In the first seconds of the video I remove the tags... Everything was improvised, but I love the result :D

I bought a swimsuit that's too small to go swiming... but wonderful for a sexy teasing... . . . . . Let me introduce you my Yellow Swimsuit! . . . . . I dare your eyes will be fixed on the screen! . . . . . This clip includes: lots of teasing, ass shaking, soft spaks, dancing, twerking, bubblebutt, ass fetish, cameltoe, squeezing buttocks