2B Gets Fucked and Swallows a Mouthful

2,270 5.0

Kailey Ketchum

American / California
2,270 5.0
24:27 min - Sep 16 - .MP4 - 1.75 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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confusray Oct 2 2017
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Wowzers! Five stars are no where near enough for this. I love 2B but this has taken it to another level above and beyond it before. Kailey makes an excellent 2B. I am in a lost for words because this was one top notch video and can't wait for Kailey to make a series out of 2B. I don't want to spoil the video but the description is 100% accurate and gives a great idea what to expect. This is another hot video from Kailey.

Also shout out for the male talent for their part in making this one completely satisfying video.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Oct 5 2017
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So incredibly hot. Can't help but be turned on by 2B. Lol. For you 2B fans definitely grab this one XD

This was previously a CUSTOM video, so many of the angles and positions are by request of the person who commissioned it. =) 2B is waiting in her room to have a little fun before she goes out on another mission. Her man enters, and they start slowly and sensually, kissing at first, but quickly moving onto more. 2B gladly gives her man a deep, messy blow job to get him hard and wet for her tight little pussy. He rewards her pussy with some affection as well, getting her dripping wet and ready for his cock. She rides him hard, taking in every inch of his thick cock until he takes control. 2B moans and screams for more, unable to get enough of the pleasure she's feeling. She screams and moans for more until the end when she sucks her man dry and shows him a mouthful of warm cum before she swallows it. This video is not part of one of my series, it's just a standalone video that was made as a custom. The background was put up for another video I made right after, so I'm currently working on replacing it to make it look more professional. However, it's A LOT of work. I will have to do frame by frame animation in order to replace it and have it look good. Each sale I made from this video will be able to add on one hour of work for this (will probably take at least another 40 hours). I'm just going to call this a "B-rank" video until I finish up the remaster of this video. Don't worry though, the sex won't be any different and you'll be able to download the remastered version at any time after upload. I am currently working on saving up for a new video editing computer since I've been having so much fun with adding effects. Even though I'm getting familiar with the programs, my computer (laptop) can barely keep up with 4K video. Refresh and render times are horribly slow and can add almost twice as much time to the editing process! That's that much less content that I'm bringing to you guys. Please check out the "Fund Me" on my page if you'd like to help me upgrade my equipment