Bambie: the Bedtime Story

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Princess Bambie

American / Avalon
2,370 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer Sep 25
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Female pleasure in the great outdoors! orgasm away girl!

coley3334 deleted Sep 22
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love bambie , look at her shes sweet ,naughty and cant make a bad vid ...lov bam ...get custom ur unit will be raw from usage

Goodguy5157 - Top reviewer Sep 22
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I thoroughly enjoyed this video! I loved the visual effects that Bambie used to only colorize the sexy outfit. This is my new favorite bedtime story!

NovaBomb73 deleted - Top reviewer Oct 25
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Now that is a fairy tale of fairy tales. Nice job. Great voice by the way.

Soucandy Oct 19
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Wow omg I love the story and can keep watching it :)

I believe the title says it all :P This video is a little bit different from my typical role-plays, I hope you enjoy! A big huge thank you to everyone who has supported me here, in my chatroom, on twitter and helped make my Camp Bambie dream come to life. Look forward to tons of interesting new content this fall, and keep an eye out for the chance to work with me again soon! Hugs and hearts