Freebie Tuesday

VR Rubber Fuck Doll Training

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American / New York
1,512 5.0
18:13 min - Sep 17 - .MP4 - 1.31 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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goodsleepyboy67 Oct 19 2017
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Watching Bunni being brainwashed to play and obey was incredibly hot. I need to get my hands on some of that VR tech after watching this because whatever that was I want to use it on some of my subjects. Not much to say here other than Bunni is hot when she's empty and obedient and I like the way you effortlessly take control of her broken mind.

lildommeyemmy Sep 19 2017
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This one is really hot. The blank look on her face, the whispered mantra, the outfit... this is my new favorite.

Welcome to the future of sex. Meet the latest in latex bimbo fuck doll technology, fembot Bunni Doll. The rubber slave's dollification training continues in this mind melting, obedience training double dildo masturbation scene. Mesmerized by virtual reality goggles and the throbbing of binaural beats, Daddy's latex sex toy is helplessly transformed into a totally obedient fembot and made to stuff her dripping cunt and pretty mouth with cock. Showing off her 32H pierced, plastic tits and wet, pink pussy, Bunni Doll obeys her programming and penetrates herself with machine precision, while chanting her mantra to "obey and play." Gagging on cock and pounding her pussy, Bunni's eyes roll and her holes drip on command, as the brainwashed pleasure puppet sinks, submits and drops deep and dumb into rubber bimbo bliss. Get the latest in fembot sex doll technology and order now