Juice Box - Constant Sniffing



American / Your Head.
16:14 min - Sep 19 - .MP4 - 1.08 GB


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P0.p.p3.-r$ Slut Instructions: Get your hands on a juice box (squeeze cup with straw, sippy cup, condiment squeeze bottle) and soak cotton balls with your favorite mind fuck juice! Let it sit, let it soak in* Lay back, relax, and hold your juice box to your nose. Shove that straw up there and INHALE like a good stroke slut! You'll have a constant flow of mind fuck air flowing through your system with no little bottle to worry about! Your mind will be filled with your jerk off juice just like those little cotton balls that have been festering with liquid! The aroma will gnaw away at your senses, melting you into a submissive pop slut. You dont just want a few sniffs, you want it HARD! I squeeze my hot ass, thighs and tits, you squeeze your juice box! Fill your mind, get fucked up, dont stop! Constant sniffs and squeezes to your juice box, filling up your fucked up head. Jerking, oozing, squeezing, sniffing, and finally... after you've repeatedly watched this and have lost all control, CUMMING