panty stuffing and a good squirt



American / your heart and wallet
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I love a good custom order request. I haven't done any panty stuffing in a while and I get so turned on by it. After i show that my thongs don't cover my fat, meaty pussy lips, I give a frontward glips of my hard big clit. Then I stuff my thongs in my pussy from the back in doggy. My pussy was so tight that I had to lay on my back with my legs spread to finish stuffing them in. I slid my toy in and placed my vibrator on my clit to bring myself to my first orgasm, before turning over on my tummy and tribbing until I got an even bigger one. I actually forgot the camera was on and lost control. After I pulled my wet panties out of my pussy, I put them back on, pulled them to the side and squirted all over. It's been a while since I've squirted, so I got a pretty damn good one. You can tell I enjoyed it from the moaning as I gushed. I know he will be happy when my panties arrive