The Strange Request *A Nosy Neighbor Has



American / Kentucky
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Kinky gets a knock at her door. She is dressed only in a short house robe as she opens the door and finds a neighbor who she does not know but vaguely recognizes. She invites him in and he asks to borrow something from her. Kinky obliges, and finds the item for him and then he tells her why he's REALLY there. He asks if he can see her asshole. She laughs, thinking it is a joke, and then senses that he isn't joking. She invites the strange man to sit down and chat, and stop this nonsense. But it's not long before he asks again, and again. Finally, in order to get him to quit pestering her about it, she gives in and shows him. thinking that it will be over now, she is relieved. But NOW, now he wants to sniff it. She is appalled. She actually agreed to SHOW him, and now he wants more. What's next? Find out how she handles this strange request.....and watch!! POV~ From the view of the "neighbor&quot