Hot Seat at Sensual Pain Dungeon


River Enza

American / Las Vegas
30:56 min - Sep 18 - .MP4 - 872.32 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Goddess Kyaa has River Enza bound in "the hot seat" at the Sensual Pain dungeon, a bondage device designed to be increasingly uncomfortable the longer one is in it, and so begins thirty minutes of extreme Femdom fun. This transgender slavegirl is not only locked within the chair, which keeps her back perfectly erect, but her legs are shackled to the floor to keep her legs open and make sure she can't shift position. This is the perfect starting point for Goddess Kyaa to inflict further pain, humiliation, and scare-tactics to and she uses a violet wand and latex hood to get River's heart pumping and her andrenaline coursing. Goddess Kyaa enjoys drawing out the fear of her bitch, slapping her with various instruments while hearing River whimper from genuine stress. There are many dynamic, up-close shots which make this a visceral bondage video, catching the intensity of authentic BDSM play that can happen between Master and slavegirl when you turn up the heat a few degrees with the right tools. Nothing inspires total obedience more than a session of sensual torment complete with tears. Special thanks to Master James & Slave Abigail, Sensual Pain. This video also appears on their site, an affiliate of Insex