Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Big boobs fetish with Lauren and lorna



British / U.K.
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Why hello there, you’re back again I see. Well it must be your lucky day as I have my gorgeous friend Lorna here with me and like myself she has a cracking pair of rather large boobs, which I know you are just dying to worship. You have a bit of an addiction for large boobs, don’t you? We just love teasing you with them till you can take no more. I know how much you love it when we play with our boobs, bouncing them up and down in your face. I mean just the very thought of our tight cleavage makes your cock throb uncontrollably, doesn't it? After all this is what you LIVE for, to worship my PERFECT 34D and Lorna's HUGE 32E tits. I can imagine you are salivating at the thought of us removing these bras? Desperate to see these incredible boobs in all their glory? Well maybe, just maybe if you’re lucky enough, your wish may just come true