Freebie Tuesday

Samantha Grace captured full body bondag


Swimsuit Bondage

American / Florida
14:17 min - Sep 17 - .MP4 - 929.97 MB


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Samantha grace is wearing a super shiny one piece swimsuit. She is blindfolded and gagged using a head harness panel gag. Her arms are bound behind her back using leather straps and a full body bondage harness that has a nice tight leather strap running through her crotch, with every squirm and struggle it Pulls even tighter against her pussy. She is walked into the room and her head harness is attached to a chain on the ceiling keeping her from wandering off. Then her ankles and knees I restrained as well with more leather straps she struggles to free herself but it is no use the straps are too tight and confining. Eventually he removes the full body bondage harness and her one-piece swimsuit before handcuffing her hands behind her back leaving her completely naked,exposed and struggling Full Body Bondage Harness ,Trainer Gag Head Harness Courtesy of