Chastity Mind Fuck

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You need to be locked and denied. I will tease you until the breaking point until you’re dripping constantly and can’t take anymore. Your cock belongs in a cage. It’s time to show your Master and Keyholder what a good little chastity slave you are. Hand me the key! Let me lock up your manhood. Only Master’s cock matters. The only way you are allowed to spurt that little load is when my monster dick is breeding your ass. I will bend your mind to my will. Make you so desperate to obey that you will crawl on your hands and knees to present the keys to your cage. I am getting inside your brain. You won’t even want to touch yourself after this. Your chastity training is going to be absolute. No release until I allow it. Take five deep breaths and strap yourself in. Master is going to fuck your mind and lock your cock in chastity