Cuddling with Mom


Bettie Bondage

American / USA
13:31 min - Sep 17 - .MP4 - 1.12 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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It sounds crazy: your mother is flirting with you. No one would believe you, even if you did want to tell someone...but it feels true! She's smiling at you a lot. Batting her eyelashes. She seems to wear low cut blouses when you two are home without your father. But you can't ask her, right? You just let it happen, getting more and more turned on by the idea as the days go by. You're getting ready to go out for the evening when you stop to talk to your mom. She's doing some ironing...nothing special...but it looks like her cardigan is about to pop open, and she's not wearing anything she doing this on purpose?! You get a little closer. You can't help but stare. She calls you out for it, smiling and giggling a little. You get closer. Touch her arm. She reaches out for you. "You don't mind, do you?" she asks. "We used to touch all the time..." You figure you should go for it. She's so obvious! You can't be misreading this. Not when the signal is so loud. You ask if she'd like to cuddle, like you used to. She looks shocked at first, but she agrees. You lay down on the couch facing one another. You can feel her breath. Her voice is so sexy, it sends shivers down your spine. She reaches out for you, touching your chest. Your face. Your cock is hard as she lowers her hand, reaching down...she rubs her hand against your cock through your jeans and you jump back a little. She shushes you. "It's ok, baby, please, just let me do this..." You thought she was flirting but still, it's hard to believe what's happening as she begins to stroke you, telling you to take it out for her. She pulls her breasts out, and it's all you can do to stop from mounting and fucking your own mother right then and there! She pulls her pants down a bit and begs you to touch her, put your fingers inside her. She's moaning and panting and you can tell she wants it. You ask if its ok to go further. She nods her head enthusiastically, and in moments you are holding yourself over her, entering're fucking your mother