Predatory Wolford Clad Schoolgirl

653 5.0

Ariel Anderssen

British / UK
653 5.0
16:20 min - Sep 18 - .MOV - 973.76 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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PantyhoseAddict71 - Top reviewer Oct 2 2017
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Beautiful bad girl strips for the headmaster and shows here beautiful body in Wolford seamless pantyhose. She's sooooo cute as known and I#m a great fan - not only since this clip. Thank you for another supersexy movie, Ariel! I'm waiting for the next one...

Urgh, I'm in trouble with the headmaster for seducing my teachers into giving me better grades. He insists that I demonstrate how I go about doing this - first dangling my high heeled shoes before slipping them off my seamless Wolford-clad feet. Then I find a reason to slip ALL my clothes off, except for my Wolfords, of course. It never fails to impress my teachers into higher marks. I'm not sure what my headmaster's response is going to be though