Freebie Tuesday

Please fuck my bellybutton

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172 5.0
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angryoldllama Oct 15 2017
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Mmm Angelika where to start. Met her on a camsite and was glad to find she had a profile here as well. She's just utterly fucking naughty. She's 19, young and she knows men want her......bad. She made this video as a tease for my fetish and this video is a must-have for any navel connoisseur. Her navel runs deep, well set into her trembling, soft belly. She is gentle with it (likely considering how sensitive her beautiful body must be). She's wearing naught but her skimpy thongy black panties which ride up into her pussy in the video by the way hehe. 15 minutes of a beautiful young woman laying in front of you, tits out, trembling belly and a soft voice begging you to touch her. A+++++++

Angelika Rouge Oct 15 2017

Thank you angryoldllama, for the really wonderful review. Obviously I was thinking of you when I made it! :-)))

It was also lovely to see you in my room last night, it has been quite a while. Hope to see you again soon! 😈

Bellybutton tickle with feather and cotton bud; playing with precious stones on belly; topless only