Asian Hottie Swallow Her Own Squirt

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Japanese / @littlesubgirlm
15,077 5.0
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kmk777 Nov 3

can you sell your squirt in a bottle

Fill_Up12 - Top reviewer Nov 4
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Lots and lots of liquid. Fun use of her precious liquid. Amazing squirting as always. Highly recommended.

loveitsomuch - Top reviewer Oct 14 2017
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Beyond sexy. Amazing video!

She is already naked and all hot and horny for some orgasms. She needs to cum and she is going to use a clear bowl to be the recipient of her most precious secretion! She squats on the bowl and rubs her pussy, massaging the lips and then her clitoris. Now there is no stopping this orgasm train! She moans in excitement with her first pleasure and keep going for some more! Her pussy juices are oozing out from her as she attains another orgasm and the bowl get filled with squirt and big puddle on the floor! She keeps finger fucking herself until she bursts and squirts are all over the camera and floor and giving her the most incredible of orgasms! She dips her hair into the bowl full of squirt and sucks her girl cum from her hair and swallow it! She uses her hands to get her squirt from the bowl and rubs it all over her body until it gleams! Then she drinks her own squirt from the bowl and she loves it! Included: Asian, Japanese, Chinese, young, petite, tight asses, teens, long hair, skinny, legs, barefoot, soles, feet, foot fetish, toes, titty squeezing, tit play, finger fucking, squirting, squirt, female ejaculation, orgasms, wet and messy, wet look, wet hair, swallowing / drooling, cum swallowers, cum play, cum in mouth, swallow squirt, [1080px]. FOLLOW MY TWITTER TO GET UNCENSORED PUBLIC VIDS! @Littlesubgirlm