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Zelda plays with her pussy, she rubs her cotton panties making herself cum. She just got so bored waiting for Link to show up. Her room is so hot and she’s gotten all sweaty from masturbating. Finally Link shows and she bitches about how hot it is and demands he clean her up. He does as instructed licking her sweaty armpits clean again. It turns him on so he start stroking his cock. Regardless of his arousal she’s got other things in mind, she wants to spar and work on her fighting skills. She hikes up her dress tying it around her waist. He pretends to be a bad guy and she kicks him hard in the nuts. They practice this over and over. Then she just kicks his balls repeatedly, happy with the progression on her fighting skills. Next move she learns is kneeing villains in the balls, Link is her test dummy letting her knee and punch his nuts hard. Now from all the exercise of combat training Zelda is all sweaty and she hates that dirty unclean feeling. Her man Link is more than happy to help her out, he removes her high heels and licks her little feet clean making sure to suck the toes clean of any sweat or dirt. She thanks him with a little foot job and then resumes her self defense training biting his hard cock and digging in with her teeth. All this violence has her aroused so she starts sucking his cock. She wants him to worship her, and he does licking her asshole. Zelda is super horny now and she wants to get fucked, and Link is always down to pleasure his Princess. He fucks her from behind and makes her cum. She moans in her high pitched voice and thrusts back onto him trying to help drive that cock deeper into her pussy. Now she’s all sweaty again and she just can’t handle it, so Link licks those armpits clean. She pulls up her dress, turns out Zelda is a kinky girl with big piercings in both nipples. They fuck some more making the slutty princess cum. She rides Link’s cock and lets him cum in her mouth